Approach to the Environment

As a developer and manager of independent power projects, we have a responsibility to respect our environment, conserve our natural resources and reduce our impact on the environment.

At Advanced Power, we believe that natural gas-fired electric generation is the best way to repower—and invigorate—the existing electric grid, while significantly reducing emissions and improving efficiency and reliability. We are also looking at alternative technologies that can provide similar benefits to the grid and environment.

Further, we seek to improve upon the environments in which we develop—not just preserve them. For example, through our Advisory Working Group structure, we’ve conducted robust outreach to engage local residents, elected officials and environmental advocates to advance a low-impact design that reflects the environmental, economic and social priorities of the community.

Our developed projects operate at efficiency levels of more than 58 percent—above industry averages. High online flexibility, short start-up periods and rapid loading cycles make Advanced Power’s operating facilities the perfect complement to new renewable energy sources.