Meet Carroll County Energy Site Manager Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy


When Advanced Power set out to hire a site manager for its Carrollton, Ohio, power plant, Michael Murphy was a natural choice. An outstanding candidate for his construction experience, Murphy also brought a strong sense of community development to the role. For Advanced Power, fostering community is key; in fact, it’s an integral part of the company’s core value to act respectfully toward our neighbors.

“A strong community helps young people develop into productive citizens and leaders,” Murphy said. One way local youth contribute to the community is by getting involved with Carrollton’s annual fair. This year, a group of 4H children had been raising chickens for competition. When the children learned that chickens would be prohibited from this year’s fair due to bird-flu-related concerns, they continued to raise the chickens and sought to donate them. Murphy was impressed by the children’s commitment. He suggested Carroll County Energy donate to 4H in the amount equivalent to purchasing the full lot of chickens, rewarding the children for persevering toward their goal despite the change in circumstances. Murphy was touched by the handwritten notes and cards he received from the children expressing their appreciation.

“When young people work hard and honor their commitments, it’s important to recognize that and encourage it,” Murphy said. “Kindness begets kindness.” Always on the lookout for ways in which Carroll County Energy can lend its support, he has also advocated for the plant to donate to a local food bank and a branch of Toys for Tots.

On the job, Murphy takes the time to stay in daily contact with staff by walking the site and speaking to people—employees and contractors working together toward the same goal. “The success of a project depends on how dedicated the project team is to meeting the needs of everyone involved,” said Murphy. By communicating regularly with local leaders and staying abreast of events and happenings, Murphy helps ensure the plant remains a positive addition to the Carrollton community.