Meet Advanced Power’s Chad McConathy

In 2018 Advanced Power set out to hire an experienced professional to develop its solar energy and storage projects in North America and we found the right person in Chad McConathy.  Chad joined us in June 2018 and is currently leading Advanced Power’s solar and energy storage development for new projects in the ERCOT and PJM power markets.

Chad has been around the energy industry in one way or another for his entire life. He has 14 years of professional experience in the energy and renewable power space with specific expertise in project development and origination, acquisitions and strategic partnerships, and market strategy.

Chad believes that solar generation has many benefits.  “Solar improves the quality of the air we breathe and helps us to manage our natural resources more sustainably. A second grader commented on that benefit recently during career day at my son’s school, and I have to say hearing that from an 8-year-old in the context of power project development certainly inspired me!  Solar’s economic competitiveness has also created more locations for solar to shine (pun intended) and it’s exciting to see the growing number of opportunities for the technology to contribute more meaningfully in the US power markets.”

It’s hard to believe that Chad has any spare time outside of his work with Advanced Power, confessing to spending much of his time thinking about solar projects.  But when he isn’t working, he is very much a family man who enjoys spending his time with family and friends and being outdoors as much as possible.

He has a passion for hunting, camping, and skiing. This past winter he found himself in the mountains of VT and/or Western MA quite a bit, but he misses the skiing out West and tries to get to Colorado whenever possible.  Since moving to Boston from Colorado in June 2018, his love for the water has been rekindled. Taking the ferry to work almost every day is a welcome part of a hectic day, and as he settles into life in Massachusetts he looks forward to more fishing and boating on the South Shore.