Meet Advanced Power’s Adrian Bobula

Adrian is a Senior Project Director with Advanced Power, responsible for the development of CCGT power plants across Europe. Adrian joined the Advanced Power team in 2001 as a Project Manager and as Director of Advanced Power in Slovakia. Currently he is the Project Manager of the Dils-Energie project in Belgium.

Adrian has worked in the Energy sector since 1990 and has worked for several international companies in various roles.  He played a leading role in the permitting and development of the Malženice Power Plant in Slovakia, following this project from its inception until the start of commercial operation in 2010.  During this time, he was responsible for the development of several power plant projects across Europe.

Adrian enjoys looking for new opportunities in the power generation sector and managing power plant project development. This process can be very complex, as each project is unique and has its own specialties and challenges.

“I have been asked often, ‘what are the benefits of working in power plant project development?’  I have learned that what I like most about project development are the variety of roles and the types of environment I am exposed to. I have always been drawn to the concept of managing and developing something.  I am fortunate that I found an opportunity that allows me to do this without having to be confined in an office daily.”

Over the years as Adrian moved from one project to another and through all the stages of project development.  In so doing he became very familiar with the components of project management delivery and had many opportunities to improve on how to manage each of them.  One aspect of his role that he enjoys involves bringing together a diverse group of people, often with competing interests, to accomplish the project goals.

“Developing new projects allows me to work in many different cultural environments and departments. I can collaborate with different teams, manage my time and efforts against very specific and often very challenging deliverables, but also be pushed to look at these situations from different angles, while receiving different points of view”.

The opportunity for lifelong learning in project development is also a great benefit. You can do a complete job with the skills you have, but you also get an opportunity to specialize in a particular area, which makes the job very varied and interesting. To be effective and successful in project development, you need to combine many different skills, like communication, time and risk management, planning, negotiation and expertise. But you also need patience and an acceptance of local rules. It is very important to have a good working strategy and an agenda which leads to successful results.

“Each day as a project developer is different. Whenever I come into the office or log in there’s a new question, a new challenge, a new success or even disappointment. I enjoy not knowing exactly what I’m going to face each day.”