Who We Are

A low carbon energy company driven by valuable partnerships and profitable investments.

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Our Commitment

Advanced Power’s vision is to be a world-class developer and manager of independent power generation and related infrastructure projects. In striving to achieve and sustain this vision, we adhere to these five core values:

Improving Communities

We believe that community involvement is a long-term commitment.  We manage projects with a dedicated focus on the local region because we believe it is our responsibility to enhance the communities in which we work. We do this through job creation, sourcing local materials, generating tax revenue and ultimately by being a good neighbor.  Our support focuses on the improvement of community resources, environmental betterment and support for science-related education. 

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Job Creation

Each project creates hundreds of well-paying construction jobs and results in permanent positions for operators, managers, engineers and experts in safety, health and the environment.

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In certain jurisdictions, tax revenue generated by our projects benefits local schools, towns, counties and states, and typically represents millions of dollars per year.

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We strive to minimize our environmental impact, working with local experts and conservation groups and revitalizing land where possible.

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As a developer, owner and operator, we make a long-term commitment to communities we are a part of—one that involves integrity, transparency and safety.

Community Involvement

Advanced Power focuses on becoming an active participant in community life. These efforts have encompassed scholarship programs, youth sports sponsorships, educational programs and wetland reclamation programs.

Cricket Valley Scholarship Program

Cricket Valley Energy supports Dover, N.Y., students with an annual scholarship awarded to a graduating senior interested in pursuing a degree in engineering or environmental sciences. Since 2009, the scholarship has been awarded to Dover High School graduating seniors and is expected to support an increasing portion of higher education funding.

POWER Initiative

Carroll County Energy grants funding for the POWER Initiative, an investigative learning experience designed to develop new academic and career pathways for students in the district. The program benefits students by providing an early introduction to real-world critical thinking and project-based experience. Carroll County Energy views the initiative as a great way to share its expertise with the community and to engage students with new learning opportunities.

Approach to the Environment

Environmental responsibility is essential to our decision making. We are committed to the rapid reduction of global emissions by displacing inefficient, heavily emitting power plants with low and no-carbon power infrastructure. We intend to thrive as a company and improve the environment in the process. Watch our video highlighting how Advanced Power is smartly reducing CO2.

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Invest & Invigorate

At Advanced Power, we believe that low and no-carbon generation is the best way to invest — and invigorate — our existing electric infrastructure, while significantly reducing emissions and improving efficiency and reliability. We are experts at developing, commercializing and managing mature and innovative generation infrastructure that provides benefits to consumers and the environment.

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Improve Environments

Further, we seek to improve upon the environment — not just preserve it. During development, we work with advisory groups and seek engagement with local residents, officials and environmental advocates to minimize impacts through design and reflect the environmental, economic and social priorities of the community.

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Efficiency & Effective

Our low-carbon, flexible CCGT projects can achieve efficiency levels well above industry averages and represent some of the most advanced facilities in existence. High flexibility, short start-up periods and rapid loading cycles make these facilities highly effective is supporting the rapidly growing new renewable energy sector.

Our Leadership Team

Advanced Power’s leadership has extensive experience acquiring, originating, evaluating, developing, financing, constructing, operating and managing independent power projects throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

Our management team oversees and directs the day-to-day running of the company’s business. Its board of directors has, since 2005, successfully driven the company’s ambitious program of low carbon power project development, management and ownership in North America and Europe.

Management Team

Spang Bio Advanced Power
Thomas E. Spang
Winslow Bio Advanced Power
Jonathan Winslow
COO, Development
Davis Bio Advanced Power
Chuck Davis
President, Advanced Power Asset Management
Magura Bio Advanced Power
Todd Magura
Degon Bio Advanced Power
Andrew Degon
Senior Vice President, Engineering and Construction
Bashall Bio Advanced Power
Martin Bashall
General Counsel

Board of Directors

Dr. Martin Giesen
Thomas E. Spang
Carlos Riva
Non-Executive Director
Peter Ramm
Executive Director
Martin Bashall
General Counsel

Advisory Council

James A. Rooney
Chairman, Advisory Council
John T. McCarter
Member, Advisory Council
Robert B. Catell
Member, Advisory Council
Jacob S. Ulrich
Member, Advisory Council
Niels C. Kirk
Member, Advisory Council

Making a difference.

It takes bold goals to spark a better day. Our fundamental goal is to maximize the generation of clean energy and to minimize carbon emissions. Working toward this goal helps make every day at Advanced Power an exhilarating adventure.


18,113,455 megawatt hours of clean energy produced


9,545,340 metric tons of CO2 emissions avoided


2,681,818 homes supplied with power


$5 billion equity and debt capital raised