Advanced Power Presents on Water Treatment Scheme at 2015 International Water Conference

Nicole Makela, project engineer at Advanced Power, was approached with an opportunity to co-author a white paper with Bechtel Power Corporation regarding the water treatment scheme to be used for the Carroll County Energy project. The Carroll County Energy water treatment system allows for 100% recycling of process wastewater using ion exchange technology. Ms. Makela’s paper presents a response to the problem of limited water supply and discharge options, a challenge facing many power plants today.

The paper was accepted by the committee chairing the 2015 International Water Conference and Nicole presented the findings of the paper at this year’s conference held in Orlando, Florida, in November 2015.

Ms. Makela currently works for Advanced Power Services in a construction and developmental engineering capacity. Ms. Makela’s primary projects include two natural gas fired combined cycle power plants located in the State of Ohio, which are currently in the development and construction phases. Nicole holds a B.S. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University.

Read the full paper here.